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H. G Wells exhibition

Many writers of equal or even less prodigious literary output have their association with a house and/or community recognised and celebrated. Charles Dickens, Rudyard... Read More

Thinking of a holiday in Kerala?

Kerala Moments is a lovely little tour operator whose staff work hard with their customers to create a tailor made holiday. Do contact Sarah... Read More

Sandgate Community Trust Benevolent Fund

The free Sandgate Community broadband is of no use unless you have a web enabled device to receive it. If financial constraints mean you... Read More

Sandgate Community Transport Scheme

Sandgate’s transport infrastructor totally inadequate to meet our future needs. In order to help to grow trade to the village’s businesses, bring tourism, provide... Read More

Sandgate Library

Like libraries around the country, Sandgate’s is under scrutiny with closure a possible and real option. The facility goes well beyond the loaning of... Read More

Thoughts for 2012

Obviously the broadband initiative will occupy a great deal of the Trust’s time in the first quarter then on-going in terms of maintaining the... Read More

FREE broadband updates

This is an email sent out by the Managing Director of CommunityUK to all those that have registered for the free broadband service. It... Read More

Grant success

The Sandgate Community Trust was set up to look after the interests of Sandgate. It has been successful in securing two grants from Kent... Read More

Farmers’ Market at the Chich

The Farmers’ Market is well established at the Chichester Hall and it happens the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month and is open... Read More

Make a difference; become a trustee

The Board of Management Trustees will comprise of representatives from both wards, the Parish Council, local businesses and other interested groups. There will be... Read More

Sandgate’s Sea and Food Festival.

The 2011 Sea and Food Festival raised a tad over £300 for the Chichester Hall so thank you to the Steering Group for choosing... Read More

Broadband Initiative Sandgate 2011

The Sandgate Community Trust successfully applied for a Community Broadband Grant from Kent County Council. The grant is up to £50,000 and covers the... Read More

About the Sandgate Community Trust

The Sandgate Community Trust was set up as a charity by David Cowell to have a platform on which to secure 40 year leases... Read More

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